About Us

"Suvidha Seva Kendra" is the firm which provides global services For Facilitation and technical support for to prepare proposals of all types of government Schemes and all types of legal and statutory formalities prescribed by the law of land i.e. Intellectual Property Rights Consultancy Services, Management Consultancy Services, Human Resource and Executive Search Services, Accounting and Taxation Services, Business Consultancy Services and combating piracy. We have been servicing a large section of global multinationals, SMEs, university spin out companies, investment companies and individuals through our every growing network of branches pan India.

With over 8 years of experience, Suvidha Seva Kendra has a team of energetic, dynamic, competent and qualified professionals having reach industrial experience, practically involved in offering niche services as required or a comprehensive package that frees the client to focus on other issue.
Since commencing business in 2002, we have established, acquired and secured an interest in a range of associated operations. As a complete business solution provider, we have specialised in providing multiple services to corporate and SME's. Right from the formation of entity to smooth running, we give quality consultancy and save an entrepreneur from hassles that may arise in conducting the business smoothly and succesfully. Once associated with us, we would take care of all the aspects of business matters.

We are mainly focused on providing high quality services to all our clients. We firmly believe that it is quality that attracts business and binds them them together.